10 Must-Follow Interior Design Blogs for Stylish Inspiration

interior design blogs

Are you someone who constantly seeks fresh ideas and inspiration to style your home? Look no further! In this article, we have curated a list of 10 must-follow interior design blogs that are sure to ignite your creative spark and help you transform your living spaces into stunning reflections of your personal style.

1. The Design Files

  • The Design Files, founded by Lucy Feagins, is a treasure trove of design inspiration and creativity.
  • With its focus on showcasing the works of emerging talents, this blog presents unique and innovative ideas for styling your home.
  • From captivating interviews with leading designers to stunning visual tours of mesmerizing interiors, The Design Files is a must-follow blog for every design enthusiast.
interior design blogs

2. Emily Henderson

  • Meet Emily Henderson, a renowned interior designer, and stylist whose blog is filled with practical tips and techniques.
  • With a warm and approachable writing style, Emily effortlessly guides readers through the world of interior design.
  • Her blog offers detailed styling tutorials, mood boards, and room makeovers, making it an invaluable resource for those craving both style and substance.

3. Decor8

  • Want to discover the latest trends and find inspiration from around the globe? Decor8, founded by Holly Becker, is the blog you need to bookmark.
  • This blog features beautifully curated images, providing a visual feast for design aficionados.
  • Holly’s posts often delve into the stories behind the designs, offering a deeper understanding of the creative processes involved.

4. Apartment Therapy

  • Apartment Therapy, a popular blog founded by Maxwell Ryan, is all about creating beautiful dwellings, no matter the size of your space.
  • With its vast array of articles, this blog covers everything from small space organization hacks to DIY decor projects.
  • Apartment Therapy also focuses on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly design choices, making it a go-to source for those seeking both style and environmental consciousness.

5. Coco Kelley

  • Cassandra LaValle, the brain behind Coco Kelley, brings a fresh and contemporary approach to interior design.
  • This blog is known for its stunning photography and curated content that combines modern trends with timeless elegance.
  • From DIY projects to expert advice on color palettes, Coco Kelley has something to offer for every design enthusiast.

6. Domino

  • Domino magazine’s blog encompasses the perfect blend of style, trends, and expert advice from renowned designers.
  • With its sleek and polished layout, this blog takes readers on a visual journey through beautifully styled spaces.
  • From practical tips on home organization to breathtaking interior tours, Domino ensures you always stay ahead of the design curve.

7. The Jungalow

  • Created by designer Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow celebrates a vibrant and bohemian approach to interior design.
  • This blog embraces bold colors, patterns, and unconventional design choices that inspire readers to step outside their comfort zones.
  • Justina’s personal anecdotes and relatable writing style make The Jungalow feel like a friendly conversation with a design-savvy friend.

8. Amber Interiors

  • Amber Lewis, the founder of Amber Interiors, showcases her effortlessly chic and California-cool design aesthetic through her blog.
  • Offering glimpses into her stunning portfolio, Amber’s blog feels like a virtual design consultation.
  • From room reveals to design tips and tricks, this blog is perfect for those seeking an accessible yet refined style.

9. Design*Sponge

  • Design*Sponge is a design blog powerhouse that has been inspiring readers for over a decade.
  • This blog covers a wide range of topics, from home makeovers to unique DIY projects and curated city guides.
  • With its inclusive and diverse approach, Design*Sponge takes pride in uplifting underrepresented voices in the design industry.

10. Remodelista

  • Remodelista, founded by Julie Carlson, is a design blog that focuses on the art of remodeling and renovating spaces.
  • This blog offers expert advice, remodeling guides, and inspiring before-and-after transformations that are sure to leave you inspired.
  • Whether you’re planning a small-scale renovation or a complete home overhaul, Remodelista has tips and ideas to guide you every step of the way.


With these 10 must-follow interior design blogs, you’ll never run out of stylish inspiration for your home. From design-savvy advice to captivating visuals, these blogs provide a wealth of knowledge and ideas that will help you create spaces that truly reflect your personal style. So, grab a cup of coffee, explore these remarkable blogs, and unlock the endless possibilities to transform your living spaces into stunning havens of style and inspiration.

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